Where do I even start?

You may have found that you have a growing dread of going to work. You may have come to this realization while you were beginning your morning routine. Staring in the mirror brushing your teeth, while thinking to yourself “how much longer can I do this?”

Instead of ignoring that nagging feeling, and telling yourself “you’ll get over it”, thank the universe for giving you the physical nudge you needed to make a major life change. Discomfort is the best motivator.

Use the dread as fuel to begin your new beginnings.

So now you’re all ready for your bright and shiny new beginning, and utterly exhausted of your current situation. Now what? Where do you start?

That precipice of change is the hardest part. We are creatures of comfort, sometimes the dread of disturbing our routines outweighs our discomfort with how things currently are. You can be sure that when you’re at that precipice, it means you are ready for change, you couldn’t have arrived there any other way. You now crave change more than you fear it. Your knowledge that you are ready should guide you to the next principal.

Start today.

You have the opportunity of every day to make decisions that lead to your ultimate goal. What can you do daily that will open you up to new possibilities and lead you on the right path? Keep in mind that daily decisions compound over time. You could decide to go straight home from work and watch Netflix with your partner until you both fall asleep on the couch. Now imagine that daily decision is compounded and unchanged over time. Well then, how can you possibly expect for anything to have changed? Instead negotiate for small chunks of time for yourself where you are committed to your purpose. For example, if your goal is to save money a daily decision you could make would be forgoing that latte and bringing coffee from home. If your purpose is being a writer; then write (anything!), explore job opportunities online, rewrite your resume, research successful writers etc. Commit to daily small actions to be on the path to success.

1 thought on “Where do I even start?”

  1. Thoughtfully written piece of the subconscious stagnation of people through predictable daily routine, the thought process behind it and the practice of incremental changes leading to superior opportunity.

    Amazing advice, hats off to the writer!


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